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Things to Do While High: Having Fun During Quarantine

Have you experienced burnout this past year? 

These days, face masks, social distancing and lockdowns are all a part of everyday life to keep everyone safe now. To fight burnout and help bring fun to the quarantine lifestyle, our team has put together a list of things we like to do while high during the quarantine! 

Order some weed online or grab your favourite gummies in preparation for enjoying our favourite quarantine activities!

Connect with nature while high:

The most direct way to connect with nature is to take a walk in your neighborhood or go on a hike you’ve never been on. Being high while you’re outside will really help you to savour fresh air, the sights and sounds of connecting with nature. 

For those looking for more relaxing ways to enjoy nature, we recommend watching Planet Earth or My Octopus Teacher. Grab your favourite snacks, pop a gummy or two, then sit back, relax and enjoy David Attenborough introducing you to some of earth’s most beautiful landscapes and species. 

If you haven’t practiced yoga or meditation while high, you’re in for a new level of relaxation! What can you expect? A heightened connection to your body and deeper sense of relaxation and peace – you’ll love being more in tune to your every movement and breath.

Have an edible and get crafty:

Unlock your creativity by slowing down with a joint or some edibles

If you’re looking to start simple, we recommend colouring! Colouring while high will help you with both relaxing and staying present! Our recommendation? Order a themed colouring book that you’ll enjoy filling out! 

For anyone who would enjoy a finished product after a creative session, we love a good guided painting video. Have you ever heard of Bob Ross? If you haven’t, we promise you’ll love his chill, positive approach. You can paint some happy trees with Bob by choosing one of his step by step tutorials like this one.

Challenge your creativity and get a treat out of it by baking up a storm. Pop an edible for some inspiration as you experiment with creating homemade edibles. The key to a successful batch is to choose the strains you prefer: whether it be indica or sativa, you can find endless recipes online – chocolate or gummies? You’re the head chef!

Host an online party games night with friends: 

The key to an online game night with friends is preparation. Set a date with friends and remind them to order their weed online in advance so that they’re ready to go for the group-sesh. 

Before you jump into any games, “pre” together! Have everyone “puff puff pass” virtually by smoking their joints or eating their edibles at the same time. Once you’re all riding a wave, hop into some of our favourites to get the laughs and competition going: 

  • Jackbox: From Murder Trivia Party to rap battles, Jackbox offers a mix of games with a dark sense of humour. Only one friend needs to own and livestream jackbox. Everyone else can participate using their phones. We recommend party pack 3, 4 or 7 (these range from $12-25)
  • Pummel Party on Stream: Move around the board, collect money and backstab your friends while playing minigames. 4-8 friends can play these zany minigames (about $15 on Steam)
  • Nintendo Switch: For owners of the Nintendo Switch, we recommend classics like Mario Kart and Mario Party. Snipperclips is hilariously fun and a hidden gem!

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